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Womens Cricket Shoes

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ME+U Womens Cricket Shoes as warn by England Cricket Internationals Maia Bouchier and Lauren Filler. Maia uses the shoes predominantly as a womens batting cricket shoe and Lauren uses them as a bowling cricket shoe. 

The only womens cricket shoe specifically designed to unique shape and features of the womens feet!

Custom Last and Outsole specifically for the ME+U womens cricket shoe: 

Through our design and development, scanning and testing we have a last designed to fit the shape of womens cricketers feet.

Lightweight and Breathable Upper specifically for womens cricketers feet.

Fly knitted upper with TPU foil wrap for a lightweight, breathable and sweat wicking shoe

EVA Foam Midsole:

Specific to our ME+U womens cricket shoe our midsole provides suitable support and cushioning for the women’s arch. This provides maximum comfort and support for womens cricketers whether you are an allrounder, batter or bowler. 

Custom Ankle Sock:

Assists in keeping the foot comfortably in the shoe, providing ankle support and cushioning to the achilles.

Flexible sole (mid foot and toe box only):

Allows for flexibility and through the ball of the foot and toes toes while batting, keeping, bowling or fielding for improved balance and power transfer via highly dynamic movements.

Lateral and Medial Foot Stabilisers:

Allows for maximum stability of the foot to allow for improved balance and power. ME+U womens cricket shoes are the only cricket shoe in the world with this feature. This provides womens cricketers with maximum support and stability whether batting, bowling or fielding.

  • Lateral - outside of the foot
  • Medial - inside of the foot

Unique Heel Stabiliser:

Allows for transfer of force into the ground rather than directly through the ankle, knees and lower back in a bid to minimise injuries. 

Injection Moulder Heel Cup:

Allows for maximum ankle stabilisation and achilles support to minimise injury.

    Shipping Information

    We ship all of our products from our UK-based facility and use Royal Mail for all of our deliveries and your new footwear should be with you in 3 business days.

    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U
    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U

    You can't put the same shoe on every foot...

    We have crafted our ME+U1 womens cricket shoes with women's cricket in mind, taking into consideration the complex and unique requirements womens cricketers have during competitive play. This includes external forefoot support and a specialized heel detail that effectively transfers load into the ground. Additionally, our design reduces strain on the toes by promoting natural flexion, resulting in increased power during the delivery of every single stride. These are the world's first for womens cricket shoes.

    • EVA Foam Midsole

      Discover the perfect balance of support and cushioning for the arch of your feet in our ME+U shoe, thanks to its carefully crafted midsole design.

    • Innovative fabrics

      Experience the ultimate in lightweight, breathable footwear with our fly-knitted upper and TPU foil wrap. This combination not only provides exceptional ventilation.

    • Flexible where it counts

      Experience highly dynamic movements for improved balance and power transfer while batting, keeping, bowling or fielding, thanks to enhanced flexibility and toe movement.

    Womens Cricket Shoes - ME+U

    Stability you can trust

    Our unique supportive midsole is designed specifically for our womens cricket shoe. It provides maximum stability of the foot and delivers improved balance and power during competitive play as it provides additional arch support as womens cricketers have a high arch / in step.

    We are the only cricket shoe in the world to provide a unique womens cricket shoe that is specific to the size and shape of womens feet. Along with the mid sole we also provide lateral and medial stabilisers to provide maximum comfort and stability whether you are batting or bowling. We are proud to share this innovation with womens cricketers.

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