• ME+U Womens Cricket Shoes with green trim on green grass

    Womens All Rounder Cricket Shoes

    We have crafted our ME+U1 shoes with women in mind, taking into consideration the complex and unique shape of womens feet.

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  • Mens All Rounder Cricket Shoe with blue true on green grass

    Mens All Rounder Cricket Shoes

    Our unique supportive midsection allows maximum stability of the foot and delivers improved balance and power exactly what you need at all times.

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  • ME+U Mens Cricket Bowling Shoes

    Mens Bowling Cricket Shoes

    Our unique heel stabiliser allows for transfer of force into the ground rather than directly through the ankle, knees and lower back in a bid to minimise injuries.

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Mens All Rounder Cricket Shoes with blue trim as worn by Kieron Pollard


Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding talent, this cricket shoe represents a stride towards excellence, setting a new standard in the game's footwear evolution.

Step into the future of cricket

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Womens All Rounder

Through our design and development, scanning and testing we have a design to fit the shape of women’s feet to give you the competitive edge!

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Mens All Rounder

Designed and trusted by Professionals our Mens All Rounder shoe has all of the features to keep you comfortable during competitive sports.

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Bowling Shoe

Being one of the more testing activities on the field, our Bowling shoe has a unique composition to keep you comfortable, stable and powerful when you need it the most.

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